Monday, August 31, 2009

lots of media, not necessarily mixed

I am in a a state of deep pleasure reading Joann Sfar's Rabbi's Cat books in the midst of my days looking for work. Spending a few minutes with his drawings and characters has given me a good frequent dose of inspiration between job searches, cover letters and resume revision.

Sfar is one of those people who seems to go through life in a state of constant inspiration, with multiple projects on the go; in another context this might be discouraging but he has been inspiring me. His characters have a humanity and humor that is very encouraging (and that he puts across in just a few panels).

My French is not so good but I managed to enjoy this video a lot, even though I could not follow a lot of the conversation. He comes across as Marjane Satrapi describes him.

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Richard said...

Springboarding of your mention of Marjane Satrapi, and clearly of interest to you, Persepolis 2.0
Images from Satrapi's comic used by Iranians to describe the events around the recent election and ensuing turmoil.