Friday, August 14, 2009

artists making art

I love this, on skateboarding legend Andy Kessler:
This is who he was and how he’ll be remembered, as a man who understood the abiding and cathartic power of resilience. You don’t give in. You take every run — on the ramp, with recovery, at City Hall. It has everything and nothing to do with skateboarding which, at its essence, is the act of focusing so intensely on the body that you feel liberated from your physical form. Think not of swimming in a pool, but of becoming the ocean itself. Think not of flying, but of floating in a place where the ground or gravity has never existed — a place where, at long last, there is no irony, no pain or struggle, where there’s no such thing as falling.

And I love the quote, with the drawing, on Cezanne (as well as the bonus quote from Mr. Fukuoka).

Because of these and because, to paraphrase Mike Yaconelli, doing something is better than not doing something, I am encouraged.

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