Wednesday, August 26, 2009

food, inc

Went to see Food, Inc. yesterday. I felt quite hopeless about the state of food security for most of the movie and was quite down close to the end. Then it all got a bit more hopeful again. I have been reading about food justice and food security while looking for work and would really like to find a way of working full time on this. Reading about the food crisis, one can not help but agree with Colin Tudge, who has said (something like), If we can get food right then we'll be able to sort out the other stuff.

Here's the trailer for another film with some of Joel Salatin's wisdom:

FRESH trailer from ana joanes on Vimeo.


Richard said...

Yay! A post!

Richard said...
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Richard said...

So, I love the comic and want you to draw more (even though at first I read the end as "Joel's cow. Period." - which is in itself the case for more practise) and I loved the trailer and I love that you have publicly expressed clarity about wanting to work full time on food security and food justice. Let's get on that. Really.

Derek said...