Thursday, August 27, 2009

jesus and menas and me

The Jesus I need to be reminded of.

I copied this from a 5th Century Egyptian Icon, 'Christ et son ami', which is in The Louvre.

When I came across this (posted by Ian Adamas here) I found it very moving. Drawing the icon helped me meditate on the challenge that Jesus, as friend, presents. A quick bit of internet research revealed that it was originally called 'Christ and Abba Menas'. I have no idea who the abbot Menas was. But the fact that Jesus friend has a name was even more deeply challenging: in the image and the friendship there is an intimacy, a connection, a compassion, an openness that I always need to be reminded of.

The way I have drawn this, it could also be called, 'The long arm of the Lord', which communicates a different theological truth (one that it is equally important for me to grasp).

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