Sunday, September 13, 2009

panelists and their panels

I went to a great panel moderated by Matt Madden at the Brooklyn Book Festival: Guy Delisle, Peter Kuper, and Sarah Glidden all spoke movingly and animatedly about their work.

M. Delisle is the only one of the four I have read: he signed my copy (thanks to a generous friend) of Shenzhen, which I am reading and loving right now. When I saw him hovering later in the festival I was a wee bit too shy to approach him again.

I marvel at how well he (and, from the way they speak, the others too) uniquely refracts the world and his experience of it through his work. They were all very encouraging of engagement with the world.

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Richard said...

Now that's a sweet li'l souvenir. Did you tell Andi?