Wednesday, September 30, 2009

conversation and observation

I can not start the day without a proper cup of black tea, made in a pot. Visiting the delightful and inspiring Tea Appreciation Society yesterday I came across this fantastic site.

Nick Hand has been cycling around the coast of Britain since June in order to raise money for Parkinson's Disease Society. On the way he has been making these amazing short documentaries about artisans and craftspeople he meets: everyone from Billy Bragg and my own favourites, the Fence Collective, to a group of potters in Cley, Norfolk. These wee films are moving and marvelous and I plan to watch them all.

I only heard about Paul Smith 2 days ago, when I found out about him here. I like what he had to say about making things. Nick Hand made a soundslide with him as well: 'conversation and observation and the love of life is far more important than any of the other stuff.'

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