Wednesday, September 30, 2009

abc at tea

The picture is from here (though the Archbishop looks more crazed, less furtive, in the original).

David Dark posted the following, from dear Rowan Williams:
Jesus is God’s ‘revelation’ in a decisive sense not because he makes a dimly apprehended God clear to us, but because he challenges and queries an unusually clear sense of God: not because he makes things plainer—on the ‘veil-lifting’ model of revelation—but because he makes things darker.
There is a nice comment thread there as well.

This ties to my post/drawing from September 27th. I think lively faith in Jesus needs to embrace constant challenges to our clear notions of God. This is the opposite of fundamentalism. To paraphrase James Alison further, We worship a God who is Other, not one of the gods.

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