Tuesday, June 22, 2010

run on sentences and thoughts

A friend just gave me a biography of Saint-Exupery. He's another of those blokes (see my notes on William Stringfellow), who captures my imagination and runs with it - even though I do not know very much about him beyond the wonders contained in The Little Prince.

This is my most recent notebook page, which shows a fair bit of what I have been reading, though not what I have been thinking about, which is maybe not that much. Happy messiness - hopefully ideas come out of that.

This was my attempt to get a look at Joe Sacco - I am just about an eighth of the way into Footnotes in Gaza, which is another of those comic books that blows my mind, in its immediate subject matter and in what it says about the comic as a medium that can deal with any idea, story, or history that the artist turns his/her hand to. Strangely, this drawing looks a bit more like me stressing out over my approaching unemployment anniversary than it does like Sacco in the original. I am projecting.

BASS ACKWARDS Deleted Alpaca Scene from Linas Phillips on Vimeo.

And I just watched the film from which this scene was deleted. I had some trepidation as I started watching but absolutely love Bass Ackwards. I think Linas Phillips is a kind-hearted visionary genius. I assume it is all his own story, in some way, but the film is no less a marvel for that. The alpacas are for the LP, of course.

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