Monday, June 7, 2010

back to basics

I have had a few unhappy drawing days. Not drawing what I see. So, I decided to go back to household objects and the like. To practice looking at what is in front of me, which was part of the original drive behind having a go at drawing.

Our phone has been quite dodgy for some time. A crackly line, which may/may not be causing intermittent internet connection. Communication in my life generally is not all that clear at the moment. I'm not hearing or responding to what people are saying as well as I want to.

For the phone, we finally reached the point where we established that the problem, for the most part, seems to lie in the physical object (not the line). So, time to get a new model. I think it will need to be the most basic version imaginable. Rotary dial (only kidding). Can phones be recycled?

We'll see if this helps me into a new era of much needed communication.

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