Thursday, June 11, 2009

when the boat comes in

In the aftermath of my fish post a couple of days ago I read two sobering articles on the crisis facing the fish population. There was a good editorial in The Independent on trawlers as weapons of mass destruction. And the New York Times had a piece on the many questions we must ask before eating a fish.

On a more buoyant note, there was also a great NYT article on urban food foragers, who have been building networks of people willing to share the harvest from their city trees. That's where I pulled the quote from.

And Kyoto, from 3 posts ago, came up in an encouraging NYT editorial by Pico Iyer on living a simpler life. Some of the piece felt a little too neat and tidy but I need to be reminded about a lot of what he is saying again and again, especially as I try and begin to think about what to do next. And I don't really know how long, or how circuitous a route, he took getting to where he is now.

'Even in Kyoto
Hearing the cuckoo's cry
I long for Kyoto'

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