Sunday, April 5, 2009

' are speaking for the ones who are being squashed...'

Mainly I am posting this so that I remember these links. I've been watching a two part interview with the Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig, which is available here and here.

I have loved Leunig's drawings ever since my friend G gave me a copy of The Prayer Tree. Perhaps just a short time later I bought copies of two Frederick Buechner books, which had Leunig drawings on their covers. There is a sweet robust vulnerability to his figures. The images and the books go well together.

And I find Leunig in the interview to be wholly winning - amazing awkwardness and pained honesty. Beautiful really. The anguish in his question, Why am I not allowed to mourn for the children of Gaza? tears me up. And his description of Piccasso is very funny. Besides, who couldn't love someone who shows covers the ground between this:

and this:

I tried to draw someone after Leunig's style. In the end was maybe too much like a copy - I'll post it soon. The person I drew ended up very closely attached to a poem I like, which I'll have to go and find.

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