Saturday, April 4, 2009

black & white & colour

I bought this beer for the first time last week. Very tasty. I like the label, so drew a quick sketch. I have not been happy with most of what I have drawn recently. Not taking enough time to work on things and not drawing often enough. This was part of a more concerted effort to draw at least one thing every day. The proportions of the bottle are clearly a bit screwy but I feel a certain attachment to the drawing. It feels like the bottle of beer even if it does not look exactly like it. The placing of the lettering on the bottle is all wrong too.

So I thought I would have another go - and this time in colour. The shape of the bottle is both closer and further from the look of the actual bottle. And the label lettering is further off. The whole feels less like the bottle I drew than the original drawing. But the whale tail is close to what you would see looking at the actual bottle of beer.

I am trying to get at something else with all of this. I am not sure what that something else is. Something about passing frustration and accepting happy drawing mistakes. Or just that I like good beer and a well-designed label.

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Richard said...

The less accurate back and white drawing gets closer to capturing the spirit of the beer bottle than the more accomplished colour picture does?