Saturday, September 17, 2011

drifting off the surface of the planet and coming to in San Francisco

Just returned from a trip to San Francisco. This was about as artistic as I got on the visit. Everywhere we went there was the most amazing street art. Most of what follows is from one trip through the Mission District.

Clarion Alley offers ever changing views on what is happening in and to the world.

This was possibly my favourite mural - there is a cartoon quality to this that I like that combines well with the fact that it is, in all senses, news.

Cat looks familiar

During our visit we ran into Herbert Gold. We discovered his legendary status only post meeting. He wrote about Haiti years ago.

She looks familiar and new.

The Women's Building. Just as vibrant on the inside.

Deliriously happy in a mid walk Tartine visit.

And, in a bonus encounter, I met one of the founders of the amazing organization Walls that Teach on the plane ride home.

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