Saturday, April 17, 2010

new adventures in baking

Cupcakes have not really gone well for me in the few times I have tried to bake 'em. But a friend of the LP's had an inspired moment in which she decided I would bake the goods for her birthday - not just cupcakes but a cake too. I set about this with my heart in my mouth but found a batter recipe that I really liked and set to it. It was all a delight - the best part being the texts that came from the LP's friend as they cut the cake. Lemon frosting definitely the way to go.

And this was the cake - decorated by LP herself.

In the same spirit when a friend of friends (the buttermilk donor) asked if I wanted to bake for a sale to raise money for Share our Strength I decided (admittedly after some hemming and hawing and initial shyness) to go for it. The biscuit recipe (ginger cookies without the ginger, molasses cookies with a honey substitute) is one I get happier and happier using.

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