Thursday, April 8, 2010

buttermilk biscuits

Ed Espe Brown (that's his book in the first picture) has an easily adaptable recipe that let me use some buttermilk gracefully gifted by a friend of friends. I think one of the great delights in learning to bake over the past year, is the joy that comes from making simple good food. This was really easy.

Some flour, baking powder, salt.

Add a couple of organic eggs (we realised we could not use any other kind after seeing Food, Inc.)

Then the magic homemade buttermilk goes in.

Mix it all together.

Roll out and fold. Roll and fold it again. And again. Can not really do this too many times if you want flaky, melt in your mouth biscuits.

Cut out the biscuits (with a whiskey glass, of course).

Ready to bake.

Baked and beautiful.

Here with a black bean soup thrown together around the baking. Yum.

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