Tuesday, March 30, 2010

books and music

These are a few random drawings from the last few days.

Frank Cottrell Boyce sounds like one of the happiest screenwriters I have ever come across. He wrote the wonderful Grow Your Own, and many other films (the very wonderful 24 Hour Party People, anyone?).

The NYRB review of a new collection of Hugo Von Hoffmansthal's writing led me to the T. S. Eliot quote yesterday. I love his image of a beetle swimming 'from shore to shore' across a jug.

Emiliana Torrini's most recent album (all her album's actually) is a delight.

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Jeff Devine said...

I love the posts, keep them coming.

I want you to draw the next graphic/logo/branding thing I need.... not sure what this yet... but will soon.