Thursday, February 11, 2010


There's a good article at The Guardian on one man's decision to make his own bread. The 'money quote' for me is, "I just wanted the family to have some toast in the morning without ingesting the unspecified additives that give a loaf of bread the same half-life as strontium-90." All I would add is, why not go the whole way and, for an extra ten minutes or so, find a bread that you can make without any gadgets at all (save the oven and the breadpan). Also, in the words of one of the great kids show jingles from when I was growing up, 'Why Don't You Just Switch Off the Television and Go and Do Something More Interesting Instead?' (And that said, the more interesting thing for me has often been to go and watch a DVD.)

I just took this from the oven. I hope it is toasted rather than burnt.

This was my latest attempt at a variation on a theme - yeasted bread filled with something tasty. I'll let you know how it turned out.

Andrew, from whom I took the quotation in the previous post, pointed out that the quote was from Philip Yancey, writing in Soul Survivor on Frederick Buechner, whom he much admires. I like them both and just want to make sure no one out there is confused.


Anonymous said...

That drawing made me laugh out loud. Brilliant. Have you read any Frederick Buechner?

Derek said...

I'm glad. Yes, I have read a lot of Buechner. He was very important to me when I was trying to rearticulate my faith to myself. I think I started with 'Whistling in the Dark', which is a theological summary in the form of a series of definitions, and then read 'Godric', which might be the thing he has done that I like best. We have a lot of his books here. Maybe we can find a way for me to share some of these with you.