Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'you're very self-absorbed, jack'

I have been reading and loving Palestine by Joe Sacco. (I am not trying in any way to compare our drawing here - the way that I draw and think does not have any relation to Sacco's work - oh that it would.) Sacco is a necessary character within his journalism, who constantly reveals his own reactions (high and low minded) as part of the broader story. This is a great strength in his work. Looking at my own drawings here, I was embarrassed that I had moved from reflecting on activists in (at best) very difficult circumstances, to my own winter look in the space of just two panels. But I thought it would be a bit dishonest not to post this. And, continuing in the me vein, I like the way it looks and feels, in spite of any unhappiness about the overall effect.

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Richard said...

Totally publishable strip. Let's make a comic.