Monday, November 23, 2009

people have the power

A few nights ago I met Patti Smith.
She was lovely. I waited 40 minutes for her on the corner of Madison and 34th St. (it was my assigned role as part of a larger event to whisk her from the street to a dressing room). Her taxi went to the wrong address. Looking for a car, I see this punk earth mother crossing the street with a guitar strapped to her back. At this point I was quite nervous because I knew there had been delays and that she was meant to be dropped off in front of me so that I could carry her stuff. 'Hello, Ms. Smith', I said, 'I'm Derek'. She said, 'Hello Derek!' and it was immediately clear that she was going to be very cool about everything and wonderful and warm and open-hearted - everything you would hope for. Our conversation was very mundane but I am on a buzzy inspired high even now (and I really am not very into meeting celebs - or at least find it all very awkward).

And at the event she shone.

There is a really great interview with the author, illustrator, fabulist, Shaun Tan here. The Guardian also has posted one of his stories, which Neil Gaiman linked to the other day. Definitely worth a read.


jdaviddark said...

so very very rich (says he who is just now returning to blogs). deep thanks for putting these things out there.

Derek said...

very good to see you back - and thank you - i like the post with which you return - there was a great Stevens quote in the NYRB to the effect that the heroes are the ones who take time to think. i'll keep aspiring to that.