Friday, July 3, 2009

no such thing as unemployed time

It has been a strange week. Time passes differently without an external work schedule; days merge into each other with more alarming speed. Where did they all go? How much of them did I waste and what could I have done differently?

In the midst of musing on this - not worried, but aware that things are a bit out of sync at the moment - it was good to come across this while continuing on through The Sacredness of Questioning Everything:

'All manner of things being redeemed' forcefully reminds me of Tom Wright's conclusions in Surprised by Hope.

I take this to be in full agreement with Frederick Buechner, when he writes, 'All moments are key moments'. And with Adrian Plass, when he states that, 'Nothing is wasted'

And I think the same point is made in the wonderful wordless telling of Carl and Ellie's adult life together in the movie UP, which I saw this week. Every life is an adventure.

Which ties back to the poem that I took the title for the blog from. I am being told this again: 'It all matters. Pay attention.'

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