Thursday, March 31, 2011

the morphing cup

I love tea. I am not this didactic in real life (well, sometimes I am - when it comes to how you brew in the teapot).

Friday, March 25, 2011

why draw

A great and moving post from Roger Ebert here.

He fondly recalls Annette Goodheart's lesson (and admits that it is what he remembers she said, not necessarily what she said, which I like):

Begin with a proper sketch book. Draw in ink. Finish each drawing you begin, and keep every drawing you finish. No erasing, no ripping out a page, no covering a page with angry scribbles. What you draw is an invaluable and unique representation of how you saw at that moment in that place according to your abilities. That's all we want. We already know what a dog really looks like. ...

I found this was a benefit that rendered the quality of my drawings irrelevant. Whether they were good or bad had nothing to do with their most valuable asset: They were a means of experiencing a place or a moment more deeply.

All makes me want to draw out in the world more.

My sketch doesn't look like me but it feels like me when I drew it.

the reason for my blog absence

Well, this is one of them. I've been baking. I'm taking a course.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

a bit of a ramble (or...if I waited for fully formed ideas before acting I would never post anything)

I think that for a good few years I would have said I was looking for a unified theory to explain everything and propel me forward. I now realize (for me at least) that was a bit silly, the theory a bit of a red herring, idolatrous. I knew this for theology a few years ago (settling on one theology, so you can be some kind of -ist definitely not for me now). Trying to explain the infinite and unfixable with something finite and fixed just doesn't work.

That said, I love that we come up with theology (and with theories). I love thinking and talking about the way things are. Rambling. Talking nonsense is an important part of my creative process and a lot of my rambling is nonsense - but fun. I like an idea/theology that admits it is just a part of the picture, open to revision. (I need more conversation.)

This is why I love when people offer a story, a metaphor, a picture, a parable (any of that sort of thing) as part or the whole of their justification. Have to admit that I am not very good at any of this yet. (I would love to work on it.)

So not a theory but themes. What I am looking for are ways to process what is happening around me and beyond - the thoughts and feelings that these happenings provoke, the horror, the horror, the sad beautiful kaleidoscope. My drawing is part of this. Even though I feel far from it, I get that there is a style there somewhere and happy influences and some sense of what's going on. I want to move towards something that is spontaneous and vibrant enough to catch some of the extraordinary everyday.

There's a lot of work that needs to go into this. Most days I just scratch the surface. But I am trying.

All of which is to say, This drawing makes me really happy.

The idea for the drawing was stolen from here. For someone who is having a great go at telling stories at the moment try here.