Sunday, July 24, 2011

lucien freud

I will miss sharing food with Lucian. We had some lovely breakfasts together at his place. I would say he was a good, plain cook – an idiosyncratic cook, perhaps, but a good one. He could take a hung woodcock and pop it in the oven and it would be a very good lunch. He was generally good on the subject of wine and on food. He was a stylish man and, although not a great eater, he did like to go out in the evenings. He would have day sitters and night sitters in his home and he would usually take them out afterwards as part of the payment. He liked the Wolseley in Piccadilly, in particular. I would say it was his current favourite and had been for a while. He called it "the best room in London", so I am not surprised they have honoured him with a black tablecloth and a candle on his regular table. He liked Clarke's in Kensington, too, and, in fact, both Sally Clarke and Jeremy King of the Wolseley sat for him. Lucian used to like the River Cafe too… I have lost count of the places we have gone out to together.
William Feaver

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oz said...

I read this feature last month and I couldn't take it out of my head - particularly this specific quote. and yesterday, as I was working, I found it online and posted it on my blog along with lucian's portrait with his mother, lucie. now, here in london at 1.05 before going to bed, it occurred to me that I didn't know what a 'hung woodcock' was. I googled it, and found this page. is this strange? I guess it's life.