Friday, February 18, 2011

At 10PM, Daniel Kitson Will Be Drinking Tea and Blowing Minds Again

Daniel Kitson has occupied quite a big space in my imagination since I saw him perform last month. This is partly because he has eschewed DVDs, books, TV shows, and the like so far. Because I do not know very much about him I keep on thinking about what I saw and wondering. This is part of his art, I'd say. It all remains quite immediate and this helps me start wee conversations with myself, which sets me off in pursuit of the windy ways of my own thinking.

It also helps that he writes sad and funny things like this (for We are Gathered Here):

Everyone you have ever known will die.

And so will you.

And yet we dance in the looming shadows of mortality, we dance and we talk and we eat and we argue. We read books. We care for people. We buy houses. We plant trees and we start to drive and we learn how to make milk frothy. Because something, somewhere in the middle of it all has to matter. As our seconds and minutes and days slip by, something has to be important. And who are we to giggle and point and sneer at what others have found to care about? Who is to say what is beneath us, what is not worthy of our hearts?

Everybody needs something to hold when it gets dark, so who am I, who are any of us, to point at anything and call it facile or redundant or stupid or rubbish

Even when it quite clearly is.

A new stand up show about finding something important in an ocean of twaddle.

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Richard said...

Excellent potraiture. Beautiful use of colour.