Wednesday, January 26, 2011

part 2 in a series...

...of posts on men with beards. Except that I have never seen the Slacktivist, to whom I wished to dedicate the post. He might not have a beard, so I am posting this doodle, one of the chaps in this photo. That picture, which is the current screensaver on my work, delights me. It looks like part of a very good evening.

Anyway, the Slacktivist has a particularly great post on a serendipitous meeting between his listening and his reading. Worth your time. And he is posting a lot at the moment and it is all worth the time it takes to read and digest. This one is particularly great too (if it is possible to have 2 particularly great posts at once - dilutes the particular-ness, I suppose - I hope anyone reading will indulge me).

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