Sunday, September 5, 2010

a page of whatever comes out

My first thought on scanning this page was, What a random set of thoughts, readings, images and viewings go into informing my days, moods, outlook, further thoughts. But I realized fairly quickly that there is really no randomness to this and that there might be a fairly narrow range of influences working on me at any given time. Actually this page has very few sources. Brueggeman and Alec McGarry come out of what I am reading at the moment. Nothing random about that - it is rare that I don't choose what I am reading next. The newspapers I check in with every day sparked just about everything else. No idea where the Australian came from - combination of my head and hand, though I am not sure what why.

No major point to this. I think of myself as open and curious (some days less so than others) and ready to read, listen to, draw, or watch whatever people throw on my path. For day to day reading/listening/watching choices I have favourite sources I go back to again and again - blogs, magazines, authors, filmmakers. I assume I am like most people this way. But am ready to be challenged if not.

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