Saturday, July 24, 2010

summer heat and the way I think

For the most part I have decided not to write too much on this here blog. I think, for the most part, that this is because I feel that I would need to write any text that I intend to post while I am online in the blog server. It is a rule that I have made for myself. It does not make much sense. (Especially when you consider that I do not draw online. All my drawings live on paper before I post them here. Some of them, as in the first panel of this strip, exist at least twice before the are posted once). I have lots of rules like this. Most of them do not make sense.

There are a lot of bloggers who write impressive swathes of text. I love the ones I love dearly and can spend long stretches of time reading their posts and reflecting on and being informed by their thoughts and the way that they think. Just for right now, see especially pip wilson, and peer pressure is forever (which I have been reading for a long time), and left of narnia (which is newer to me). These beautiful people have a way of posting their own thoughts and reflections and influences and loves in a way that draws me in and lets me share in what they are thinking about, reflecting on, being influenced by and loving. In some small way, I try to do the same here. But I rarely have the words. So I make elliptical references to films and poems and blogs and people. I draw. In case it is not obvious, this all self-revealing and it is all (intentional and unintentional) my theology.

Anything I do write here is first draft stuff (see Anne Lamott). I want to try and make the connections a bit clearer. We'll see how it goes.


LittleBird said...

thanks for the props. much appreciated. and decidedly humbling.


Derek said...

thanks for visiting. feeling mutually humbled. your blog is a marvel.