Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i can smell meat...and garlic

I am posting this just to have something to post, as much as for any other reason. I have not been happy with anything I have drawn since last week's watch - so no pictures or much original thought here. When I started the blog I thought, I will post something every day for a month and then I will relax about the whole thing. This was silly. Now I think, I will post something every week for a (er...) and then I will relax about the whole thing.

I have not seen this film but have read that it is good (it is only available in the UK). Watching the trailer I am tempted to think that it looks a wee bit sentimental. But I can like that. Especially when a wee bit homesick.

I have been thinking about food (I finished In Defense of Food this week) and community (Colossians RE:mixed was very good on this). Without community (at the broadest level) the food is never going to reach your plate. Without community, support, friendship, it is not going to be possible to achieve much of anything at all. I get this at all sorts of levels (raw need being one) but have not engaged in acting on it much recently. The trailer at some level points to some of the ways things should be. Revolution is possible. People change. Sets me off thinking about the kingdom.

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